Open Arms Daycare has written the first e-Book that will not only be your best guide through the licensing process and prepare you for opening day.

Were including all the learning activities that we have used for the last 20 years  so you can actually run your daycare for weeks, months and years to come!

Plus a unique list of Daycare names and ways you can come up with your own Daycare name.

Why is the Open Arms daycare starting kit, like no other?

Were actually running a successful large home daycare right now, April,  2015.  And we will not confuse you or waste your time with time with general vague information, double-talk or sales gimmicks.

For example, You certainly do not need:

6 to 10 hours of  “professional”  speakers on CD’s or 200 to 300  page books. Instead examine our web pages on:

Daycare ideas ( original and imaginative )

Daycare games and

Daycare themes and lesson plans

This will take about 10 minutes!  And you will see for yourself, it’s really not that complicated. Not to mention!

Our activities are easy, they are fun and you will have the children’s attention!  Don’t believe us, try some out on some children and you judge for yourself!

You certainly do not need:

100, 150 or 200 daycare forms. We purchased ZERO in 20 years of doing business. Forms are provided free or you can download them on your computer. Use a post-it or paper plate for anything else like we do. Were aware of about 20 different daycare forms period.

You really do not need:

To be taken by the hand and walked through anything. Their confused, it’s your daycare children that need to be taken by the hand and that’s what our e-Book specializes in.

Really, you do not need:

To purchase additional curriculum for $49.95, $99.95 or $199,95. Why, our e-Book is the complete package. It was fun and easy to write, it’s very reasonably priced and  comes with a 100% money back guarantee. Nothing more is needed! Were sharing about 20% of our e-book  in this website for you to try it out. So you already have  a good idea of whats to come!

STOP!…Breaking News….If  you desire is to be a successful daycare provider. You can buy and buy and buy all day. Success in this line of work, Caring  for  children, comes from your devotion and attention to the children’s development and needs. We believe our e-Book is going to be your best guide and blueprint to help you achieve those ends.

Why did we at Open Arms Daycare write an e-Book?

You do realize licensed small home daycare’s can earn between $3,000.00 and $5,000.00  monthly. Large daycare’s can double those numbers. We did at Open Arms in our second year of business. We were truly surprised, we realized we had a small gold mine here. Plus, this is an easy job when you know what your doing, for the most part, these children entertain us.  Doesn’t it make sense to buy an e-Book from someone who is doing it successfully now,  despite the economic slowdown.

We can save you headaches, we know some secrets, we’ve learned the short-cuts, we do it on a shoe string budget and so can you! Because your going to learn from our mistakes and who is your best teacher? Your last mistake! We’ve had 20 years to fine tune our program and now we’ve made it all available in easy to read e-Book form.

We started Open Arms Daycare in1993  in a rental home.  We have a 90% occupancy rate since we’ve opened and this includes the last five years while the economy has slowed.  We’ve cared for hundreds of children and experienced just about every situation a daycare provider could encounter.

My wife is an expert  in engaging small children in fun learning and development activities. Meaning, she can teach you how to operate a successful  home daycare business. Her first job was at a Montessori school where she learned her craft after 12 years of working with 2 to 5 year  old’ s.

First things First

Daycare start-up expenses…shouldn’t you know what your getting into financially before you buy any e-Book? Read our daycare costs web page to learn what the 4 biggest start-up costs are.

Top 10 daycare tasks on how to get your daycare license:

So you’ll understand that were not just all Talk, were going to Walk the Walk when it comes to explaining how to open a new daycare business. Once you read our web page on the Top 10 Daycare Tasks you to will be able to Walk this Way.

So just how do we operate at Open Arms Daycare?…..Here is just some of what is in our e-Book:

28…different age appropriate pre-school activities that not only educate but are also fun. Eight are for infants under the age of one.

17…outdoor games for different age groups that burn up energy and give them the daily exercise all kids need.

14.. projects and indoor games for when you choose to stay inside.

16…outdoor toy suggestions to get your daycare started, including 3 you can make yourself.

27…indoor toy suggestions that will enhance their development and are fun.

29…delicious snacks and meals, many that can be prepped ahead of time and all satisfy the daily food requirements. All kid approved with recipes.

8…unusual pets that are kids spent hours enjoying and feeding. Plus many daycare outing ideas that we do here  at Open Arms daily!

Were also including over 50 Daycare Names for you to choose from and ways to come up with your own. A daycare name alone has little to do with success in a daycare business. But an appealing  daycare name might just catch the attention and resonate with a parent, causing them to call you first. Anyone who buys our e-Book is free to use our daycare name Open Arms unless they live in Ventura County, California.

Our formula for success!

You now will always  have plenty of fun learning activities  and games the children look forward to. More importantly its what the children need. These are the very years when a child’s power of absorption are at there peak. What these activities do is instill a sense of discovery and confidence  in each child. These lessons promote sensory awareness and lay the groundwork  for practical life skills. Its also how you will bond with the children. Parents will recognize the changes in their child’s behavior and you’ll make lifetime friendships.

To make our program very user friendly we included a “Typical Daycare Day” breakdown page in our e-book. The “typical day” breaks down your day down to 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour and 1 to 2 hour segments. You will now clearly see how to move from opening time where you serve breakfast and allow  free play time, to story time, to a daycare learning activity, to outside play time, to lunch time etc. etc. etc. It’s a great guide to plan your days especially  when your just starting out and not sure how to transition from one activity to another. You can adjust accordingly as your day unfolds. You will never be at a loss for what to do with all the activities we’ve included and your days will flow more smoothly.

This is an extremely fun and entertaining  job. My wife and I have had a blast caring for children and made a substantial profit in every year of business.

You could download our  e-Book  NOW for only  $37.00 $27.00 and get started right away .

If you truly enjoy working with children you have an excellent  chance to have a successful daycare business.   All you need to do is implement the program found inside our e-Book. Our e-Book which is backed up with 100% money back guarantee so there is no risk on your part.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Daycare Business
The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Daycare Business
80+ plus pages of essential information on starting a home daycare Includes: -Every step on How to Obtain your daycare license – chapter 1 and 2 -28 daycare themes and lesson plans, guaranteed to eduacate and establish a fun daily routine for you to use for months and years to come- chapter 4 -The most powerful marketing strategies to get potential clients-chapter 3 -How to establish a fair daycare rate that is affordable and profitable – chapter 1 -A list of the most common daycare questions, including potty training and separation anxiety - chapter 2 -The generous daycare tax benefits daycares qualify for – chapter 3 -How to create a healthy and nutritous daycare menu – chapter 4 -27 fun and affordable daycare toys that the kids will love-chapter 4 -22 inexpensive classic daycare games that will put a smile on their face and entertain for years to come-chapter 4 -How to childproof your home in order to pass your initial inspection-chapter 2 -Easy effective methods to prevent the spread of germs-chapter 2 -Over 52 appealing daycare names you can choose from along with ideas to create your own-chapter 1 - 8 Fun and creative Daycare arts and crafts projects
Price: $$37.00
Price: $27.00

Money back guarantee:

We are so sure this eBook  is going to be your best assistant and blueprint for starting and growing your daycare business, that we will give you a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with our eBook for up to 3 months!

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