Unlocks the secrets on how to come up with a great daycare name. Words do paint mental pictures.


To prove this point take this little 20 second test. Lets say you have a 6 month old in need of full time care. On Craigslist you found the following list of daycares right in your neighborhood. Which one of these daycares would you call first?  

Freds Daycare and Salvage yard

LiL  Gangsters Daycare

Cryin Times Daycare or

Sugar Plumbs Infant Care

The correct answer can be found in our e-Book for only $27.00

Okay, were just having a little fun! That’s what Open Arms is all about. But the point has been made. You want to use words that tug at a mothers heart to catch her attention. Words like Cutie Pies, Chubby Fingers, Precious ones, Sweetie pies and so on. Get your family or friends together along with a thesaurus and Brainstorm! Then sleep on it and get together a day or two or a week later to see what they’ve come up with. Have everyone keep track of the names that keep popping into their heads during this process!

*Examine our Home page to see how Open Arms Daycare earned a 6 figure income in our 2nd year of business. We have the most complete and original e-Book in the market place  for opening a daycare. Plus were including  all the activities we’ve used for the last 20 years  so you can actually plan each day and run  a first class home daycare!  

In our e-Book we have over 50 Daycare names for you to choose from and use yourself. Plus if you do buy our e-Book you are welcome to use our name Open Arms, providing you do not live in Ventura County California. Many people have  called us just because of our name.

A daycare name alone is never going to guarantee success—your devotion and attention to the children’s development and needs will. But your daycare name certainly will have an impact on how people view you.

So here is a short teaser list of appealing daycare names that fall into that category!

  • Rising Stars Daycare
  • Baby Steps Daycare
  • Straight A’s Daycare
  • ABC’s Daycare
  • Little Rascals
  • Little Tykes Daycare
  • Small Fry’s Daycare
  • Doodlebugs Daycare


In chapter 1 of our e-book we have  43 more daycare names for you to choose from plus suggestions on how to create your own niche market.

The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Daycare Business
The Ultimate Guide to Starting a Daycare Business
80+ plus pages of essential information on starting a home daycare Includes: -Every step on How to Obtain your daycare license – chapter 1 and 2 -28 daycare themes and lesson plans, guaranteed to eduacate and establish a fun daily routine for you to use for months and years to come- chapter 4 -The most powerful marketing strategies to get potential clients-chapter 3 -How to establish a fair daycare rate that is affordable and profitable – chapter 1 -A list of the most common daycare questions, including potty training and separation anxiety - chapter 2 -The generous daycare tax benefits daycares qualify for – chapter 3 -How to create a healthy and nutritous daycare menu – chapter 4 -27 fun and affordable daycare toys that the kids will love-chapter 4 -22 inexpensive classic daycare games that will put a smile on their face and entertain for years to come-chapter 4 -How to childproof your home in order to pass your initial inspection-chapter 2 -Easy effective methods to prevent the spread of germs-chapter 2 -Over 52 appealing daycare names you can choose from along with ideas to create your own-chapter 1 - 8 Fun and creative Daycare arts and crafts projects
Price: $$37.00
Price: $27.00

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